Help getting started with certificate for NAS


I’d like to setup a certificate for my Synology NAS. I have a domain where DNS is hosted t UnoEuro. Let’s say my domain is “” and I want to create a certificate for “”.

Any pointers or links to accomplish this?



Here you go:

Thank you

I don’t think this is the most useful resource for Synology users because it doesn’t link to any Synology documentation, and the best case for Synology users is that they can use the built-in Let’s Encrypt client in the NAS.

I would suggest starting with

Thanks both, but I can’t seem to get further. I’ve already followed the documentation and tried to add the certificate from DSM but I get the same error message “Cannot connect to Let’s Encrypt. Make sure the domain name is correct”.

Does Synology have a support channel that you could access? We’re happy to try to help, but nobody who was involved with creating the Synology tools that you’re using participates in this forum, so we don’t necessarily know how to get useful information out of the NAS in order to track down the problem.

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