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Hello, I have not exported my Let’s Encrypt certificate and now have no access to my Nas. Is there any way to obtain the required certificate by other means, or do I have to reset everything?


Well, it’s easy to retrieve the certificate from public certificate logs, but your private key is probably irretrievable unless you can get into your NAS.

But, if you can make a new certificate, no big deal. Just get a new one and forget the old one exists.


The problem is that I can no longer access my NAS to get the certificate deposited there. at least not on any known way, because the browser always locks me out, since here the “valid certificate” is not deposited.

How do I get to the synology nas without the private certificate?


In what way? Do you have a screenshot? Did you have HSTS setup or something?

Even with HSTS, it is possible to bypass the error screen, if you use a Chromium-based browser.

Just get to the error screen, and when it doesn’t allow you to bypass the error, type in thisisunsafe .


es, I have a secure connection over port 5001. port 5000 is automatically redirected there, so I can not handle that, right?


What happens if you press the “More” button and then the next button that then appears after it? It should say something like “Accept Risk and Continue”.

You should be able to get past it.


when i enter thisisunsave nothing changes. When I click back I get to the normal open browser page without opening another link.

There was a possibility to accept the risk over the button extended … after 2 further subpoints.

Thank you so much for the help !!!
The data is currently very important and I needed you urgently!
I can not thank you enough!

I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas!


The picture shows an IP address in the URL.
LE certs won’t work with IP addresses - only FQDNs.

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