How Big is Let's Encrypt - it's getting bigger

I have dug into our database and pulled some interesting stats about a set of about 500,000 certificates. Here’s two things that I found interesting:

  • Let’s Encrypt seems to be steadily growing - data from server audits (i.e., what certificates are actually installed); it grew from 33% to 38% in less than 18 months
  • COMODO is the only real contender in terms of the number of issued certificates - 19% and that’s largely due to CDNs using it

You can also compare the number of 33% of servers using Let’s Encrypt to the number of 52%, which is a proportion of LE certificates in CT logs (= all issued certificates).

You can read more details on my blog:

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I guess that the growing market share of Let’s Encrypt opens a number of opportunities, for example issuing and selling premium SSL certificates, data analytics and others that come with the increasing influence in the Web security industry.

I'd love to see what the market looks like in 5 years' time. I believe that CT logs are potentially another big driver for disruption. At least we use it massively in KeyChest to find new certificates.

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