How many certificates have been signed from Let's Encrypt?

Just curious, is there any place I can see a number which indicates how many certificates have been signed from Let’s Encrypt? Or is there any reason this kind of information shouldn’t be public? The serial number doesn’t look helpful. is the secret place to look. Ssh! :wink:


@jcjones ooh nice and pretty :sunglasses:

did i read that correctly 106k domains whitelisted buy only 6100 domain registrations ?

also what are pending challenges ? why so high a number ?

106k whitelisted, but 6100 certificates. Many certificates have a SAN with >1 domain.

Pending challenges will always be high, because while the server issues X challenges at a time (4 right now), the client only has to solve a subset (1 right now).


i see

forgot about SAN domain SSL :slight_smile:

So is it possible to have another measure that, how many individual domains have had at least one certificate signed from Let’s Encrypt?

It’s possible, but actually the Boulder data model doesn’t give us an easy way to grab that data; we’d have to parse every certificate to obtain it, so no easy SQL.

It may be just as easy to process that from a Certificate Transparency log, actually.

at there are now 6,408 certificates.

but some (like me) are duplicated N times (888 2 or more , with 30 more than6 time)

fo you also have the number of whitelisting over time? just curious.

The data structure for the whitelist doesn’t include timestamps, so I’d have to get it from the audit logs I’m afraid.