How and where can i get free ssl

i just migrated one of the domains from word press to wix
since then the second domain that i am using on word press is not secure!
I really am new to this ive understood i need SSL and i dont know what is it how to begin how to fix this issue?
please help

Anybody knows how to do it?

How can i find free SSL and why is my connection not secure?

Hi @mateusz.patro

what's your domain name?

With your wix - domain, you have to use their system. That's a "closed world".

i have three domains and transfered one of them to wix(, since then i cannot set secure connection on the other one (


There is a wordpress wildcard certificate ( - Make your website better - DNS, redirects, mixed content, certificates ):

CN=*, OU=EssentialSSL Wildcard, OU=Domain Control Validated
expires in 538 days	*, - 2 entries

So it's a wordpress server.

I don't know (and don't think it is possible) if you can install an own certificate using that server.

if it is not possible what shall i do?

Check the documentation of the service you use.

If it is possible to define own dns entries with ip addresses of that server, so that such a configuration works.

Perhaps it's possible to create a valid certificate.

But I don't know that, I don't use that wordpress server.

thank you for your help

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