Website Builder Host won't provide SSL Cert and Key for my domain

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Our company uses a website building service called Wix, since we don’t have in-house web-design and IT staff to manage hosting. Incidentally, we also manage our domain: with Wix.

Wix provides HTTPS connections for websites built/hosted by them.

I want to offer a subdomain that is linked to an external site:
I need to install the SSL certificate on the external site server.

I asked Wix to provide the certificate and keys to me, but they refused.

I would like to offer the support subdomain over https using the SSL certificate issued to

What are my options? Does Wix own my SSL certificate?

You shouldn’t worry about what Wix is or isn’t doing. They are issuing managed SSL certificates for you, they do this in an automated way that is not designed for you to be able to export their private key material.

The certificates only last 90 days anyway, and you wouldn’t want to export from Wix that often, even if their certificates were valid for (which they aren’t, they’re only valid for and

If you are creating an external site at, then the question is really about what platform the new website is going to be hosted on, and what facilities it provides for integrating Let’s Encrypt. For example, are you going to do self-hosted WordPress? Maybe another Wix site? Maybe Squarespace? That is the main factor that will inform what you should do now.

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Thank you for the response.

The support service site is hosted by happyfox
Currently, the service is located at

Happyfox allows us to personalize the domain name and we want to offer the service at

If we provide the SSL certificate to happyfox, they will install it on their servers for our service.
Is there a way to make this work?

It looks like HappyFox doesn’t have any sort of automatic managed SSL like Wix.

Your only choice appears to be to provide them with certificates via email and they will install them for you.

Given this constraint, Let’s Encrypt may be a poor choice of SSL provider. The reason for this is that Let’s Encrypt certificates only last 90 days, and so you’d have to email HappyFox at least that often with a new certificate.

That said, if you really want to go through with it, you can use something like to issue Let’s Encrypt certificates for your domain using DNS validation.

Otherwise, I would suggest that you are able to acquire longer-duration certificates from other SSL providers.

One is , which will allow you to issue a 6-month long certificate for in a similar way to ZeroSSL.

Alternatively you can pay a commercial CA for an even longer duration certificate (up to 3 years).

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Thank you for the fast reply.

Will consider all options you have proposed.

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