Hoe do i know about my next ssl generation date

I need a help

Recently i have install new apache server with my domain name theindianpaper.com

When i am going to install new certificate then its says that too many certificate already install…

When i searched about that then i found that one domain has limited to 5 certificate install in a week.

Now i want to know that how can i find the exact day of my next lets encrypt certificate installation date.

Where to find all the certificate generated date that i have installed last week.

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Hi @mohitkachhwaha

you have a certificate. Please use that 60 - 85 days, then create the next.

It’s not the idea of Letsencrypt every user creates weekly new certificates with the same set of domain names.


@JuergenAuer thanks for your reply, but i have already used five ssl in this week. Now i am facing an issue that too many certificate issued.

Thats why i want to know exact date that i can install ssl certificate again with my current domain.

Will you please tell when i can install ssl certificate in my current domain.
My domain is theindianpaper.com

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For some reason, Let’s Debug don’t think you are hitting the weekly duplicate certificate limit on your base domain (as of September 16, 2020 11:07 PM UTC)

Did you get a exact message telling you that your domain has hit the limit? If so, then I think you might be able to issue a new certificate in the next two days. (timezone convertion is a mess to me)

Just FYI: If you save the certificate content and the private key file for the certificate you obtained, you can install it as many times as you want (using only the files, not requesting a new certificate) while the certificate is still valid. If you request a new certificate before the old one expires, the old one is still VALID unless expired or revoked.

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Based on https://crt.sh/?q=theindianpaper.com, it looks like you can generate one more certificate as of sometime yesterday. My question is:

What happened to the other 4 certificates generated within the last week?

Since you can reinstall them and keep using them up to their expirations dates, you should not need to generate more. If you are running into a configuration problem, just save your certificates and private keys and reinstall them with your new instance or changed configuration.

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