Help get SSL-Certificate on NAS Synology

Hello friends! I have a problem with the SSL certificate on a DDNS domain generated by a Synology NAS. My old domain was, I changed my email address from to and changed the domain name from to ttd and due to lack of knowledge, I accidentally deleted the old certificate issued to me, now I cannot apply for a re-issue on my device. I want to use the domain name & email address and look forward to your help!
Thank you very much!

Welcome @dungtran214 but that sounds like a problem better directed at the Synology forum. Let's Encrypt is not preventing you from getting a new cert.

Maybe you need to reset or manually force a renewal in your Synology. I am sure the Synology forum would be able to help you.


I can't resolve either of those two names [to an IP].


Oh, sorry, I see now you are limited by Let's Encrypt. Let's Encrypt rate limits are 5 certs with the identical set of names per week. Learn more about Rate limits (link here)

You have gotten 12 certs in the past week with different name combinations. The wildcard cert is now at the limit as well as the cert with just

You either need to wait or use a set of names that is not yet rate limited. And, please be careful not to issue so many certs


Thank you for you!

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