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Okay so I paid someone on Fiverr to setup SSL on my site and he said that it would never expire. I now receive an email saying that it will expire.


I don’t know how to work my VPS, someone did it for me.

My host is:

Hi there

Checking your certificate on https://www.diamondares.cc/, it is from LetsEncrypt and expires tomorrow.

It might be that whoever did the work for you attempted to set up a cron to automatically renew your certificate (letsencrypt certificates expire after three months unless they are renewed), but it’s not working for some reason.

I would contact the person who carried out the work for you and ask them to investigate.

Your hosting provider https://contabo.com/ might also be able to help you.

My host will want me to pay to fix it. Is there something I should ask my host? Like what questions I should ask. The person who set it up on Fiverr, he did something else to my server and it wasn’t working for a while. I had to get someone else to jump in there to fix the problem he left behind.

…as they should, because it isn’t really their problem. But if you don’t know how to work your VPS, it’s time to either learn or find someone to manage it on a long-term basis.

In the short term, I note that Contabo has a few options available for control panels for your server (cPanel, Plesk Onyx, Webmin). It looks like all three of those have the ability to obtain Let’s Encrypt certs and renew them for you. It might be worth checking with Contabo to see if you can add one of those after the fact.

Otherwise, if you want to try fixing this yourself, we’re going to need a lot more information. Let’s start with the operating system and web server your VPS is running.

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The person from Fiverr probably tried to set it up to to renew automatically. This is something that we recommend and that usually works well, but unfortunately apparently it’s not working in this case. If it were working properly, the certificate would already have been renewed a month ago without your having to do anything.

We’re quite happy to help try to figure out what the Fiverr person did and how to fix it, but if you’re totally 100% unfamiliar with server administration, you might end up choosing to hire someone else to clean up after the first person’s mistake or misunderstanding. :frowning: As @danb35 suggested, if you can tell us more about your hosting environment, we could suggest things to look at to try to understand what’s going wrong.

I can try. I am unfamiliar with the backend, but I can try. I mean, i’m good with Cpanel but VPS not my playground.

VPS L SSD (no setup)
OS: Cent OS 7.3 (64 Bit)

What else do you need?

You say you’re good with Cpanel; is that installed on your server? If so, it should have the ability to get and renew your certs for you, right in the control panel.

Edit: If not, do you have root shell access?

The server hosting diamondares.cc is not using cPanel. They are using something called CentOS Web Panel.

Apparently they used to support Let’s Encrypt but now have replaced it with a feature called “AutoSSL” (not to be confused with cPanel/WHM AutoSSL).

I think you will need to ask for help from whoever set CentOS Web Panel up for you, or try get help from the CentOS Web Panel forums, because it is most likely either an usage or implementation issue with that panel.

Let’s Encrypt is available for free and easy to install. It is sad to know that people are using it as a mean to make money. If you can contact me I can help you renew it for free, or if you have already taken care of it, I would recommend using SSL Checker app to monitor your SSL certificates, so next time you know when your certificate will expire.

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