Expired Certificate and don't know how it even got there

My domain is: www.stratusplastics.com


My hosting provider, if applicable, is: wix.com


I hope somebody can help me with this.

I did not create our company website www.stratusplastics.com but i’ve been tasked to try to find out how this issue occurred and correct it.

Our website is hosted at Wix and our domain is on Godaddy.

At the end of January, access to our website was blocked due to an expired Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate.
On GoDaddy we have a different SSL cert for an internal RDweb site but no other certificates listed especially from LetsEncrypt.

I’m trying to contact a human at Wix and our ISP (Who was our registrar) to see how it was even put on our website and how to renew it.

Any assistance would be greatly appreacted.

It looks like someone or something did actually renew the certificate, as it renewed nicely every 2 months. Which corresponds with the 60 days interval Let’s Encrypt advices.

Unfortunately, you’ve removed a lot of questions from the questionnaire. For example, the question if you’re using some kind of control panel to operate your site at Wix.com. Or if you can login using SSH and can have root access on that SSH connection.

Further more, Wix has a few support pages about certificates on their site. I recommend reading and trying them:

Enabling HTTPS for Your Wix Site

About SSL and HTTPS

Thank you Osiris.

I did finally reach a human at Wix to trace out the problem, which was a new entry needed to made in DNS. They said it would take a couple days for the cert to renew and propagate through the net.

You stated that you see the cert actually renewed. I guess it would have happened yesterday after the dns entry. I did a search a saw that the last entry is still the one from 1/26. Where did you see that the cert renewed ?

Thank you for your assistance.

Hi @Mieko1970

there is no new certificate:

Certificates are logged in Certificate Transparency logs.


the last logged certificate is from 2018-10-28.

It’s the same that is visible on your website:

41 days expired	stratusplastics.com, 
www.stratusplastics.com - 2 entries

I don’t use Wix, this is a closed world. Perhaps you have really wait a few days.

Sorry for the confusion. I meant it renewed fine in the past. But indeed, that renewal didn’t happen last time it should have.

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