Error Issuing Certificate

my domain is

I issued an ssl for my domain on cpanel but i got this error message:

There was a problem processing your request

Error issuing certificate
Failed to issue certificate
Updating challenge for acme: error code 403 "urn:ietf:params:acme:error:unauthorized": Invalid response from []: "\n\n\n<!DOCTYPE html>\n<html>\n <head>\n <meta http-equiv=\"Content-type\" content=\"text/html; charset=utf-8\">\n <meta http-equi" (order URL:

Please what can I do?

There seems to be something wrong with your cPanel account. When visiting , I see the default WHM page:

If you are the owner of this website, please contact your hosting provider:

You shouldn’t be seeing this page, and it fully explains why you can’t issue an SSL certificate.

This is usually a sign that something has gone wrong with the setup of your virtual host in cPanel.

What you should see is either your website, or the default index page of your web root.

Contact your web host to fix this, or if this is your cPanel server, try contacting cPanel support and ask them to investigate why your domain isn’t showing its proper contents.

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