Double check on api rate limit

I want to double check rate limits. There is another thread that says this

Rate limit on registrations per IP is currently 10 per 3 hours
Rate limit on certificates per Domain is currently 5 per 7 days

another thread says 60 days for 10 certicates over the same domain.

since my current certificate is expiring in 30 days and I burned all my certificates during tests I would like to double check that in 6 days I can ask for another certificate.


Yes you can, 10 within 30 days is outdated information.

Please use for tests the staging server and not the production one.

thanks! that was helpful, I honestly missed the test server part. and I cannot find this on the doc.
it seems that a lot of people are doing my mistake. can I suggest to add a --test flag and add a paragraph about it in the doc?