Beta Certificates/Domain Ratelimit


I think I understand the description of the Certificates/Domain ratelimit, but the email didn’t include the actual value being used for the ratelimit. Is it 4 certificates per domain per 90 days like in the example?


Good point. One reason is we expect it to change multiple times.

As of right now, the limits are:

  • 6 certificates per domain name in a 90 day period.
  • 2 registrations per IP in a 7 day period


Hi, I sign in to the Beta Program on the google drive form. But I still cannot get a production environment certificate, what am I doing wrong or what else can I do to get one and participate of the beta?


@freexploit, our beta program just began today. We will continue to let more users into the beta program as we approach general availability and expect to let everyone who applied in before launch.


Nice, I imagine that I will get an email right?


Yep! We’ll send you an e-mail when you’re accepted into the program.