Domain Access Verification email

I just renewed the SSL certs for a bunch of domains and now for one of them I am getting the following email:

"Secure Certificate Customer,

We have received a Certificate Signing Request for the following domains:

Our query of the Whois database returned your name as the administrator for the domain in the certificate request.

In order to verify the validity of this request and that it was submitted by the entity to which the domain in the request is registered, please signify your final approval or disapproval of the certificate request by clicking the link below.[KEYREDACTED]&locale=en-US

Approval of the request will enable us to continue processing your request. Failure to approve the certificate request will lead to denial of the request.

If the above address does not appear as a clickable link, cut/copy and paste it into your browser’s address bar.

If the Verification Page requests it, please use the following Verification Key: [KEYREDACTED]
This part of our authentication process serves to ensure that only the entity/individual that controls the domain in the request can obtain a certificate for that domain.

The Secure Certificate Team"

My domain registrar thinks that it is genuine however have suggested I check with SSL provider. Can anyone tell me if this is legit, I’ve had the domain nearly 2 years and for 9 months it has been on a Linode server with LetsEncrypt for SSL and this is the first email like this although I am now getting them daily. I have not clicked the link.



This is coming from GoDaddy.

Somebody is trying to issue a certificate for your domain by purchasing a certificate from GoDaddy.

If you do not know who is requesting it, then do not click the link.

Possibly contact GoDaddy support.

Thanks, I will contact GoDaddy

If you set CAA DNS records, that will help limit what CAs are willing to issue certs for your domain. Of course, they shouldn’t issue if you don’t click on the link in the email, but it might cut the process off sooner.

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