Obtaining SSL certificate once encoded certificate request has been provided by host (GoDaddy)

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My domain is: exoticburlwood.com
My host is GoDaddy on Linux running an unknown version of cPanel. I am VERY new to this (completely).

I have the GoDaddy generated Encoded Certificate Signing Request - my question is how/where do I get a free SSL certificate? What do I do next? I can provide more information if needed, even if I have to contact GoDaddy. Just trying to wrap my head around this; please forgive any faux pas. Thank you sincerely

You can use a CSR with most ACME clients or even through an online server (like: sslforfree.com)
Which you chose may depend on your “skills” with the operating system, the DNS service used, etc.

Got it wroking! I can’t tell you the solution because I typed left handed until it worked. I had some WP issues re. not adding the “s” in particular places, both hard-coded and dynamic. Now it only shows an issue on Andorid. BUT I will tell you that I developed an Android app from scratch once upon a time (and did not even know JAVA or OOP), and the certificate issue was STILL the hardest and, frankly, stupidest part. So let Android fix this. My client saved $250 over 2 years, because of this project and cert and the help I got. And he’s a good friend, so thanks all. This can be closed.

I guess the best answer re. GoDaddy cPanel and installing your own, is to carve out enough time, read documentation here and on their site and call early in the middle of the night (their time). They say they can’t help you, but they will. Thanks to rg35 who happens to live in my neck of the States. The tests, the hands-on tests, it all helped, and now it’s working. Beer and plant time!

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