Do you have to have a website

I have a synology NAS and want to use the https connection ability.

It would appear that I need a Certificate to do this.

It seems that the only way to get a certificate is to have a website.

So do I need to register a website with someone in order to be able to get a certificate that will enable me to connect to the NAS using https .

You need a domain name - not a website.
You can get a free DDNS domain (if you don't already have one).

could you direct me to a website that would explain how.


I don't think there is a one-size-fits-all procedure.

Every situation is somewhat different.

Yours, for instance, is for a Synology NAS.
Synology may provide ways for you to get a cert (even without having to register a domain).
I would start there first.

oh, any suggestions where to go looking next.

I am aware of that knowledge base and in it it says


  • To obtain a signed certificate from a certificate authority, you need a registered domain name, such as "".

What I am enquiring of, is how to get a domain name, which I have (possibly erroneously) equated with a website.

Do I go to a provider and purchase one and pay an annual subscription, or is there another way.

If you can meet the requirements, you can get a free one from a DDNS service.
Like the ones on this list:

many thanks for the url.

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Hi @UKgnome

you don't need an own domain name.

See the sample in your link - https://Your

  1. Create certificates

PS: So you can use a subdomain

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