Request for Certificate


My domain name ( hosted by is not related to the Synology NAS in my home, on which I want to add a certificate. How do I proceed?




What’s your target?

Add a certificate of to your Synology NAS (at your home, not hosting the

If this is the case, you’ll need to obtain a certificate from (the hosting service) and upload that to your Synology NAS.

Thank you


More info from David – Actually I have a server.csr file I want to submit to Let’s Encrypt to apply for a signed certificate. How do i do that? I will then import the certificate to my Synology NAS.


Thanks for that input. You comments helped me realize the written instructions from Synology were leading me down the wrong path. I will attempt the guidance provided by


You could go to a web based client like or, and complete the challenge / download cert.

Thank you


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