Creating certificates for domain across accounts


I implemented ACME API V2 for creating certificates of our customer domains.

We have one account for calling all requests to ACME API.

Because of new order limits in V2 API (300 new order per 3 hours) we have create more accounts (for example 15).

Should we store information about which certificates has been created via which account?

For example:

For we create certificate via API from account Account1. This certificate will expire after 3 months. Then we create new certificate for Do we have to create new certificate from Account1, or we can create certificate from any account?

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You don’t have to use the same account the next time. [1]

Consider also whether you would be better off applying for a rate limit override, rather than creating many accounts.

1. There’s one exception to this, and that is if the domain has a CAA record and specifies an accounturi. (Not yet deployed to Let’s Encrypt production, but will be at some point).


Hi @webnode

are you from webnode?

If yes, there is an open topic you may check:

Ah, I see: The domain has now a new certificate.

Looks like the problem is fixed :+1:


Thank you for your answer. I didn´t know that we can ask for increase this limit. Is it possible?

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Yes, the application form is linked on I think it’s likely that Let’s Encrypt would prefer you use 1 account rather than 15.


This question and many more like it have answers in our Integration Guide. You may find this section especially relevant

And @_az is correct, you can apply for rate limit adjustments on the linked page.


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Check to make sure the clock on your server is correct/synced.

@jillian We sent apply for rate limit for new orders. How long can we expect the result?

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