Can I register multiple account in same IP?


Hello, I have question about acme client’s account.

Let’s encrypt rate limits says
You can create a maximum of 500 Registrations per IP Address per 3 hours. Hitting this rate limit is very rare.

If I use ACME Client at A server by registering one account and I approached rate limits.
Can I make a new client at A server and I can issue certificate because it is new client?

or, the account belongs to IP address?



If you create 500 registrations on a server with IP address A, you will not be able to create new registrations on that same server/IP by switching clients. A registration is tied to the IP that created it, not the client.


Then. “issuing certificate rate limit” is tied to IP?
or registration?


Neither, the certificate rate limits are tied to the domain names used.


Then, data that the domain names is used will be saved at “Let’s encrypt CA”?


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