Certificate limit rate increase

We are the proxy service and we are creating a new ACME Account ID to issue the certificate every day.

It seems like there are some limits when exceeding 50 domains when issuing the certificate and we have some problems with these limits.

One of our customers wants to issue the certificate for more then 300 domains, so we’ve tried to request you about increasing the limits via google docs(https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSetFLqcyPrnnrom2Kw802ZjukDVex67dOM2g4O8jEbfWFs3dA/viewform) which inquires ACME account ID.

However, the ACME Account ID will be different after 3 month due to our logic I wrote above(This means that I will fail to renew the certificate after 3 month).

Could you suggest me a workaround, so we can help our customer to issue the certificate for 300 domains?


Seems like the solution to your problem is to retain the same ACME account, which you should be doing anyway.


Seconding what @_az said (Thanks!).

Our integration guide specifically recommends using one ACME account for this reason.

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