Limiting the issuance of certificates

Our company is faced with the problem of limiting the issuance of certificates for a domain
Can we somehow remove these restrictions?

My domain is:

Hello, and welcome.

I’m not sure exactly what restrictions you’re referring to. Do you have any more information, such as an error message?


We encountered a limit after 50 certificates were created. We are service providers for validators and crypto projects.

We once need to create more than 200 certificates for many endpoints nodes, in the future this limitation will not cause any problems

But now we have to wait a week to issue more certificates

That Rate Limits page you linked to describes the limits, and the process for requesting overrides if you're a large hosting provider that will need more. But be aware that processing a rate limit request will likely take even longer than a week.

You can probably work within the rate limits by slowly moving your domains over, and maybe even spreading some of the load to other free ACME CA providers.