Help us remove constraint of Rate limit for our domain

Hi Team ,
We have issues with our certificates so we tried to create some new without success so for. Now we have found the right version but we get the error: too many certificates (5) already issued. Since we have downtime now we cannot actually wait a few hours. Could you please unlock this constraint?

add a random subdomain to validate, that limit is just for that exact set of the domain names.

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You have created five identical certificates within the past week. Why not use one of them?


The previous certificate that we created does not have RSA, ISRG ROOT X1 type so it does not work for our portal.
Our Portal requires this LetsEncrypt (RSA, ISRG ROOT X1) this type of certificate for our portal. Can you help us to get this certificate?


That's not an end leaf certificate issue, but a certificate chain issue. Forcibly renewing is a rather wastefull method of getting a new chain, but unfortunately many times the only easy way to update the chain through the ACME client.

Luckily, certificate chains can be changed manually too.

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