Increasing API limits

We are looking to see how to increase our API limits. We host ~5000 domains and their email and are looking to secure their email access with their own mail.theirdomain SSL rather than using our branded hostname.

We know we can add numerous domains to a single certificate, but that becomes a privacy issue as the certificate will list numerous domains instead of just their own, which most of our customers will not approve of.


If you're doing different domains on every certificate, then rate limits shouldn't really be a problem for you. Mainly this one:

For users of the ACME v2 API you can create a maximum of 300 New Orders per account per 3 hours

They are all listed on Rate Limits - Let's Encrypt , along with the instructions on how to apply for an override.

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Hi @echodreamz

the customers should know that there are CT-logs.

So if someone uses an own certificate with the own main domain, www and mail, that certificate can be found.

But if there are only two (main domain + www) or three or four domain names, that's not relevant.

Create one certificate per customer with a set of domain names.

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