Created a cert. with DNS validation, then what?

I have a domain registered (via godaddy) but not a hosting plan because I use them with instapages for landing.

The thing is I ran into a problem where the https without the WWW was throwing a security problem (yellow security thing shows before it gets redirected to the instapages servers where everything is https and it's fine) so I then tried this letsencrypt thing.

After many struggles (like configuring wrong the TXT record by puting the _acme-challenge plus the domainDotcom instead of just the "_acme-challenge" part, etc) I somehow managed to get to the certbot message:
"←[0m - Congratulations! Your certificate and chain have been saved at:"

But I don't know what to do with that, also the problem still exists and I don't see the green lock on when I access the domain with the https+withoutWWW combo, does this take a while? Or do I need to upload the keys somewhere? but where if I don't have a cPanel because I am not in a hosting plan, only the domain is registered?. Any help appreciated.


Welcome to the Let's Encrypt Community, Ajax :slightly_smiling_face:

As a longtime GoDaddy user I can assure you that a certificate will be useless to you if you are using InstantPage, CashParking, or parking. You need a webserver under your control (at least somewhat) to serve the certificate. You're seeing the security warning because the server handling the requests for your domain name does not have a certificate with a subject alternative name (SAN) matching your domain name. This might be a worthwhile issue to take up with GoDaddy. I, for one, wouldn't mind seeing them at least add an upload mechanism for a certificate and its private key. It would be even better if they would just automatically create certificates themselves.


Haha well rip, I was trying to fix this in hopes the og social Thumbnail metatag when sharing links via whatsapp, facebook, etc worked (as it appears it has something to do with the https thing).

Anyway, that might not even be the cause but that's other problem and off-topic. But thanks for the help, need a cPanel, ok my suspicions were right, bad news oh well.


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