Cloudflare + Directadmin SSL wildcard

Hi all,
I have a problem for a long time.. can someone help me?

I use cloudflare DNS records on my domain names.. i have DirectAdmin on my servers.. what DNS records do i need to create to make subdomain names (wildcard) works with LetsEncrypt SSL.

I want to use it with ftp, mail, etc.

Beside that I like to know what i need to do with TXT records.

I still cant make it work and need to add all sub one by one.. i prefer a wildcard without manually change the DNS+Certificate

I have no idea how DirectAdmin handles this.

Do your renewals happen automatically?

Does DirectAdmin have a cloudflare dns plugin?

Read this page carefully:


In the interim, you may be able to use any ACME client manually to obtain a wildcard certificate.
The plus is that you will have 90 days to figure out how DirectAdmin can obtain wildcard certs.
The minus is that obtaining a cert manually won't be something you can automate [easily] and you will have to insert that cert into your system manually.
And... you will only have 90 days [max] before that wildcard cert will expire.


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