Creating wildcards certificates without DNS plugin

My domain is:

I have a cloud hosting service that run a CentOS 7 with Apache webserver. But this hosting provider is a local one, so don’t have a DNS plugin available for certbot. And they don’t have letsencrypt configured to issue certificates. As I will run a multisite subdomain WordPress installation, I want to issue a wildcard certificate.

I can modify TXT records in my DNS, but I can’t find a way to make it automatically. Is there any way to issue this certificate?

PS: I have a linode account, but this domain is hosted in another provider.
PS2: I have shell access to the server and I can update and install packages



If your DNS provider provides API access to manage your DNS, you may be able to renew the certificate automatically if you have the correct authenticator & cleanup script. (with certbot or other scripts)

Thank you

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