Working Wildcard nginx config?

Would anyone care to share the syntax to issue a wildcard cert on nginx?

Thanks so much

Hi @cmatera,

Issuing wildcard certificates depends on your DNS setup, for example whether you can update DNS records via an API. This is different from issuing non-wildcard certificates because wildcard certificates from Let’s Encrypt require setting DNS TXT records to prove your control over the domain name (not just creating a file on your web server).

So, who is your DNS provider and what kind of access do you have to create records in your DNS zone?

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Ahh makes sense - I use google dns and am familiar with creating records

That’s Google Cloud DNS, not Google Domains, right?

Google Domains actually - does google domains not support an API?

I’m afraid not.

Thank you

Right, we’ve had a number of previous forum threads showing that there’s no way to automate wildcard issuance on Google Domains because of the lack of an API. I think you can get wildcards manually, e.g. with certbot --manual and following the directions to create TXT records, but you’ll have to repeat that manual process in order to renew the certificates before they expire!

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