Guidance on using Letsencrypt wildcard made live few days back with subdomain


My domain

I am running it on a Ubuntu 16.04 machine.Few days back saw letencypt made wildcard support live.Have other subdomains wanted to know how to activate SSL for other’s through wildcard as I think through same the subdomain wil have SSL kindly guide me in this


Please restate and clarify your question.


Hello Friend I thought I was clear, letsencrypt ;launched wildcard support few days backs,wanted to use same for subdomain my main domain has letsencrypt SSL wanted to know how to use wildcart so my subdomain also gets ssl


The main hurdle to get over with wildcards is that you need to be able to automate DNS TXT record changes to your domain. Does your DNS host ( provide an API of some kind for updating records?

If not, you will probably be better off just using a non-wildcard certificate that has your main domain and subdomain on it

You can read about how to use Certbot to get wildcards here, if you are still interested: Getting wildcard certificates with Certbot


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