Chrome Browser on iOS Does Not Display Green Padlock


Hello there,

i using let’s encrypt in my domain with compressin enable for page speed performance…
the problem is, when i activate “AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html” in my htaccess file, when i access it from chrome on iOS some time the green padlock not show and some time show but the URL is https://. and when i remove the line “AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html” all work correctly.

Please help me to fix this
thank you


Hi @noeprivacy,

You can usually find the problem in this kind of situation with the service

Can you try Chrome on another platform and see if you get the same problem? In that case, can you get page information and get the browser itself to explain what it thinks the problem is?


Hi @schoen

i try chrome on android and windows, it’s working well not like on iOS (fyi: iOS 10.2.1, chrome 57.0.2987.100 very updated)

i has been try to check on and there’s no problem found with it.

i very confuse about this :frowning:


Huh. Is there any way to ask Chrome on iOS to explain what it thinks the problem with the page security is?


thank you very much for your answer by the way, i’ll try to asking this problem to chrome.



If the green padlock is somtimes there, but also sometimes not, it probably has something to do with the specific page you’re requesting (and the contents of it).

If it were some kind of technical TLS issue, you’d think it would be always one of the options: either always a green padlock or always another padlock.


@Osiris do you have any tools how to debug this?

green padlock always show when i remove the “AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html” from htaccess, otherwise when i write the “AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html” on htaccess the padlock sometime show sometime not show


Personally, I only know and/or use the “developer toolbar” in Chrome (Ctrl-Shift-i), the “Security” tab. But that’s for the desktop browser, I doubt the iOS version has it.


Hi @noeprivacy

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