Cant renew certificate in plesk due to ip problem

Hello there,
First of all, sorry for my bad english!

I’m configuring my website through plesk-panel.
For a few month now, I changed my website to build with adobe portfolio.
To ensure, my domainname synchronizes with the portfolio-website, I had to change the ip-adress.
So in short summary. My Plesk-Configuration IP is different than my website IP.
When I want to renew my certificate in the plesk-panel, it shows a message, that it has to be the same ip-adress…

my domain is

I appreciate any help.
Kind regards,

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Thank you for contacting Let’s Encrypt Community Support.

Since you’ve moved your domain to Adobe Portfolio, you’ll need to get certificate from Adobe Portfolio, not your previous plesk hosting panel.

Adobe Portfolio actually supports free certificate on custom domains, so you could contact them and get the certificate for your domain.

Thank you


Hello Stevenzhu,
Thank you so much for your help! Well, it worked!
Just had to unlink and relink the domainname to the myportfoliosite inside myportfoliosettings.
Easy solution, but hard to think about that little step. :slight_smile:
Thank you alot!


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