Can not encrypt .co domains


I used Vestacp with Letenscrypt. I can not encrypt .co domains.

Failed to enable let's encrypt on .co domains

The TLD of the domain does not matter, so is not a .co issue.

Run through and see if you missed anything. Best I can do with no information about your setup.



@kiint I followed that process and it works with 58 of my websites except .co domain. and


If you elaborate a bit on that part, it would be easier to understand what part of the process might be failing.


When I try to encrypt with commannd

#letsencrypt-vesta username

The error message:
letsencrypt: error: unrecognized arguments:
Let’s encrypt returned an error status. Aborting.


Here’s the image


This appears to be a bug in the letsencrypt-vesta script you’re using, see:


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