Can I install Let's Encrypt certificates if my sites are hosted "in the cloud" - tsohost


I host my sites with tsohost, using their cloud hosting. I tried to install a certificate, but I received the warning that says the certificate is issued for the hosting company, not for my site. This could scare off the (few) visitors my site receives :slight_smile:
Now I see they even use “Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate Support” on their presentation page. Anyone else with this issue?

LE: Now I see it displays correctly, so maybe all I had to to was to wait a couple of hours?

New question: how do you secure all the pages on your site?

That's quite possible. If your hosting provider is managing the certificate for you, it's possible that they have a backlog of certificates they work through and it took a while for yours to get to the front of the line. Or maybe they have a scheduled job for this thing that only runs every once in a while.

That's a tough one to answer in a way that covers every site and environment out there, so if you could go into detail on the kind of software you're running and what you're trying to achieve, someone could probably give you more specific advice.

If your host has an option to redirect all HTTP requests to HTTPS, that would be a good start. You might also be able to add a .htaccess file to do that, if your host supports that and uses apache. A quick search brought up this page which has a .htaccess snippet at the bottom that seems to work for your host.

You'll also need to make sure that any resources you include on your site - from JavaScript and CSS files to images, fonts, videos, etc. - are referenced via https://, or you might get mixed content warnings or semi-broken pages depending on your browser. If you use a CMS like WordPress, there are probably existing settings and plugins that help with portions of this.

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