Help with Let's Encrypt and web hosters


I just signed up with a new hosting provider assure and whereas they SAY they use Lets Encrypt, I cant install or upload ssl web content and when I call the page using https:// it is corrupted but the hosting provider SAYS the certificate is installed and valid. most hosting providers just do as they advertise but they all have put limitations on services - advertising one thing and delivering another. the last hosting provider sold my url under me and kept my account in the old domain name and my site was slow as a turtle.

I am so tired of fraud and tricks. how can I fix or is this on them?

Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt

Could you share us your domain name?
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Thank you

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Hi @sickandtired

perhaps you have mixed content, so JavaScript and CSS files are blocked.

It’s possible that the certificate is correct - but mixed content is the problem. This has nothing to do with the hoster, it’s your site.

So: What’s your domain name?


Did you get your SSL working? They should have a control panel that allows you do this. Our control panel for our customers at let’s you issue it right from there so I would double check with them and see if that’s possible.

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Sorry for the delayed response. So this is what happened. Provider offers free SSL however they have to “tweek” our website because the ssl is only on a dedicated server. Probably a reseller👿 So my concern was I was installing my website on a http and when we would go to text and enter data from the customer side it would give an error 404. Have used let’s encrypt before with no issues… I haven’t quite figured out what they did to make it work. but I think I’m going to use API to Google forms because we do a lot of PII and I don’t want to expose my customers😞


my apologizes for the continued delayed response. I am learning the hard way on these matters. I am so afraid to publish the domain or url due to ongoing issues…seems that many hosting providers use Lets encrypt and I have gone through 4 of them since my initial post. these hosting providers advertise free ssl but are not sure themselves how to install. assure kept emailing me after I pointed my domain back to the original or holder. i finally had to BLOCK them from emailing me. I figured out how to self encrypt but they work in the background to discontinue my self-hosted. the end result is the web browser gets confused adn my sites are flagged. I am going to buy new domains which means I must start all over with advertisement. I cant find a hones web hosting company. so in closing, my issues are NOT with Let’s Encrypt…but some greedy web hosting (sad face)


Thanks for your views. it really helpful for us.