Can I hire someone here to help with DigitalOcean and LetsEncrypt

I have the domains set up and eventually I have the certbot files back (having deleted them).

Problem domains are and

Hi @LinkOrchard,

There may be someone in the forum who would be interested in working with you closely as part of some kind of business relationship. I’m not sure!

It sounds like you tried on your own before now? If so maybe you could describe the challenges you faced or the parts you got stuck on. There’s lots of people on the forum that answer those sorts of posts for free :slight_smile: It might be something you could do on your own with some support!

@cpu – I muck around a lot with html and php. But this stuff there is no real margin for error. I have lost now, which was doing well. I was up till 3am a couple of nights and at that hour, it’s not good. However, I have learned a lot. I now feel more confidence about it and realise it’s about the ANAME being set correctly. I found a new tutorial on www. non-www on digital ocean and might give it another go.


Glad to hear you’re thinking about giving it another go! Please report back if you run into any snags or have more questions. We’d love to help!

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