Blogger custom domain doesn't work with https! How can I fix it?

Dear Support,

I read that you can help me do the https settings for my custom url on blogger.

So I have problems with https. It is not working.

I have bought a custom domain from
(Date: 01.10.2020.)

My blog URL:
My purchased custom domain:
(„123” tag means a private part of the address, not promoting anything.)

I am from Hungary, so the text on the attached images are in Hungarian, but everything is clear, I translated and signed with colour every important things.

I uploaded the pictures to my DRIVE folder:

  1. Image #01a,b: I have done the Blogger integration. It is OK.

  2. Image #02: I have done the host settings on Namecheap interface. It is OK.

  3. Image #03: So Blogger url redirected to custom domain successfully, but there is no https! NOT OK!

  4. Image #04-a,b: On Blogger interface if I turn on the HTTPS option, the website became unavailable!

How can I activate the HTTPS / SSL protocol for my custom URL / DOMAIN?



Welcome to the Let's Encrypt Community, Istvan :slightly_smiling_face:

I recommend you start with the basics.


Hello Everybody,

My issue solved! :slight_smile:

The main problem was that Blogger has no instruction information what to do / how much time should wait.

So after you purchase a custom domain from a third party service and integrated it to your Blogger interface:

  1. You have to wait 12-24 hours.
  2. Then a notification is appear at the top of your Blogger interface: "HTTPS available".
  3. Then you can turn on HTTP. It will be in "PENNDING" status.
  4. You have to wait anither12-24 hours.
  5. HTTPS redirection will be active, you can turn on.
  6. Your site will be validated for HTTPS.

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