How can get ssl certificate for my custom domain blog

Hi, I need full tutorial to getting ssl certificate for my custom domain blog.
I have own custom domain blog. But i can’t enable https on my blog through letsencrypt. Is available ssl certificate for blog?

Hi @kinestain

start with the basics:

Then select a client.

can you send some videos for quick learning to get ssl certificate for blog

I've never checked videos to do that.

Let's Encrypt will issue certs for any kind of website. Even though it's much simpler than traditional methods of getting a cert, you're still going to need to do some homework. Start by reading the links Jürgen gave, then come back if you have further questions.

I have custom domain blog. can i get ssl certificate from Let’s encrypt?

Probably. Read the documentation you’ve already been given to find out more.

The most important thing is—how is your blog hosted? How is your site administered?

Our resources for explaining the options are not that great and we’re working on an overhaul of them. But in any case, that is the core question here.

In blogger tall me need add CAA , but in my godaddy hosted , no have CAA register!

In dns opcion i have A,MX, CNAME,TXT,PTR,SVR,AAAA

We really need to know about the software environment of your web hosting plan. How do you administer your site? What kind of server application does it use?

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