Integrate SSL certificate on with using a own domain

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My domain is:

I ran this command: This site is created on How can I integrate or active the ssl certificate?

Hi @Krahwinkel

please check the documentation of I'm sure there is an integrated solution.

But normally Google uses it's own CA, so it's not a Letsencrypt problem, not part of this forum.

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Hello Juergen,

thanks for your reply.
This is written on the google site:
Important: If you use CAA Records on your custom domain, add a record for, or Blogger won't create or renew your SSL certificate.

Best regards.

That is a very specific point about CAA. If you don't use CAA, that's not relevant.

Luckily, the guide from which you copy/pasted that specific sentence, does include a lot more information and steps to perform. At least, when I searched on " let's encrypt" through Google, I came across Turn on HTTPS for your blog - Blogger Help which includes the "Important" statement and the how-to encrypt your site through

Please go through all the steps on that guide. If it somehow doesn't succeed, please tell us as specific and detailed as possible, preferably with screenshots of the error and steps you did before the issue presented itself.

Mhm, yes.

That's an amazing answer / solution. That's what you have to do.

So do it, problem solved.

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