AWS Static IP configure for SSL

I want to configure AWS EC2 for SSL Certificate.
My Project running on NGINX Server of ubuntu Ec2.
Can anyone provide me steps how can i generate SSL certificate and configure in NGINX server.

Note : I don’t have domain.For Testing and Development purchase.

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If you don’t have a domain, you basically can’t get a valid / trusted certificate (I mean, basically, at least from let’s Encrypt).

However, there’s other ways to get a certificate without paying for domain. Websites like freenom actually offers free domain (for a short period or with other limitations). You could get a domain from freenom first, then get a certificate using that domain.

After you got your domain, kindly visit and proceed with that…

Thank you


any other option without domain i can configure aws url.

No, Let’s Encrypt certificate will only work when you have a certificate. You can’t (not yet) issue a certificate to an IP, local domain or not registered domain.

AWS (public) Certificate Manager have the same requirements.


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