I cannot verify my domains which are registered with google.com


trying the command /letsencrypt-auto certonly and filling in my domain fails to connect. I do not have a webhost only the domain registered with google.com


If you don’t have a web host, what do you want an SSL cert for ? or maybe I’m missing something.

You effectively need somewhere to host the files otherwise you can’t effectively get an SSL certificate.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding. What is your domain name ? and what were the specific errors you were getting ?


Thanks for the response. I have a website in an AWS s3 bucket which has cloudfront in front of it. I would like to upload a custom domain cert to cloudfront. But I do I generate the certificate without a server?


You might be interested in this blog post describing how to use AWS Lambda to issue and renew certs.


seems a bit convoluted but awesome post. thank you.


You also might want to checkout this post. I’m certifying via the Vagrant box. You can do the same trick on your side by using a reverse proxy probably.