SSL Certificate For IP Based EC2 Instances

We are experimenting new product where we are spinning a new AWS - EC2 instances for each of our client using the AWS APIs by Script. This instances can last for 6-8 months max and are automatically killed if not needed. We already have more than 1000 clients and adding fast.

We are also hosting Jupyter notebook server and a couple of Rest API’s end point on this instances which are accessible from URL like http:///port/. These endpoints are called and Jupyter notebook is loaded in iframe from the another web application which is under SSL certificate already

It is not allowed to load and hit HTTP from HTTPS due to Mixed Content. We can’t assign a domain or static IP name to servers as they are randomly spun and closed.

Is there any way to automate the SSL in this newly spun AWS EC2 instances which can protect EC2 instance IP under SSL?

Let’s Encrypt is not allowed to issue certificates for IP addresses.

Have a look at the Amazon ACM service and see if it is suitable for your needs.

A third option is to use self signed certificates. I believe Amazon Instances all have a FQDN and include a self signed certificate (you will need to check this).

As this is a Let’s Encrypt forum I can’t really assist you on ACM or how to use self signed certificates (but google is your friend :D)


Have checked above, it has FQDN but does not include a self signed certificate.

You could make one yourself with an openssl command or with the ZeroSSL tool.

(They have tools both to issue Let’s Encrypt certificates, which can’t cover IP addresses, as well as creating self-signed certificates, which can.)

Create a CNAME to the instances, and then use dynamic DNS to keep the DNS record updated.

Generate your certificates based on the CNAME.

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