How to install an SSL certificate on an AWS EC2 instance?

Is it possible to install an SSL certificate on an AWS EC2 instance, for its "Public IPv4 DNS"?, so as not to receive the message "your connection to this website is not secure".. thanks for the help.

Well, sure, I do it myself. But, EC2 is just a virtual machine to run other things.

It depends what operating system, web services and such you use on EC2 to know whether a cert is helpful or how you get one.

The questions from the form would have allowed more specific advice. Without that you could try the Start Here topic


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Just to be clear, you can only get certs (from Let's Encrypt, at least) for a fully-qualified domain name, not for an IP address. I'm not sure what you mean by "public IPv4 DNS", but if you're asking about a cert for the IP address, the answer is no.


And, on the other hand, if you mean "a domain name that I've pointed at the public IPv4 address of my EC2 instance", then the answer is yes!


Thank you for your answers..
So what would be the steps to install or generate an SSL certificate for a domain name that points to the public IPv4 address of my EC2 instance?


Begin at the beginning...
Getting Started - Let's Encrypt (
[as already mentioned above]


If you are the administrator of the server, you already have a domain name pointed at it, and you already have an Apache or nginx web site configured for that domain name (with a virtual host/server block listing that domain name) on HTTP, consider installing Certbot and then running

sudo certbot --apache


sudo certbot --nginx

as the case may be. If you have a different situation, let us know more about the details and we can see if we can come up with other ideas.


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