How to create & configure your SSL certificate in my apache webserver

how to create & configure your SSL certificate in my apache webserver.

Can you provide a few more details of your config please ?

What is your operating system ?
do you have root ssh access ?
do you have any control panel or anything ( or have you configured apache by hand ) …

typically, selecting apache and your OS on will provide you with the method using the official client.

Iam using amazon linux. i have root credentials everything. can you please help me out.

is it free ssl? i can configure my apache webserver. can anyone please share the step to install and configure the ssl cretificate in apache webser?

Yes it’s a free ssl. Personally I don’t use amazon linux, so I can’t provide detailed instructions for it. Also, from what I’ve seen certbot, the official client, is still at the “experimental” stage on amazon linux. You may be better with one of the alternate clients

hi pradheep

Do you understand how to request, validate domain ownership and install a certificate for a webserver?

If not I suggest that you read about those processes.

Lets Encrypt is a Certificate Authority that allows automatic issuing and renewing of certificates via the ACME protocol.

You can achieve this using a wide range of techniques (from requesting certificates in a browser using for example ZeroSSL) or by using one of the clients.

The clients won’t solve your problem automatically. They are configurable however you still need to understand the process.

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