AutoSSL on Addon Domains?

Is it possible to have AutoSSL work with Add-On Domains? I have an account where the primary domain gains SSL without any trouble, but any additional domains in the account are not assigned SSL certs.

For example: Account has:
primary domain:,
and add-on domains: = /public_html/domain2, = /public_html/domain3, = /public_html/domain4. gets the SSL, the rest are ignored by AutoSSL.

Is there a way to make this situation work with AutoSSL, or what other method should be used?


I haven’t used AutoSSL with Add-On domains, so don’t know, sorry. There may be someone here how has, but, as with your other question, I’d suggest asking this on the cpanel / AutoSSL forum.

Thanks, I just signed up there. I’ll see if they have any ideas.


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