Cpanel and Autossl by let's encrypt

Is there a way to setup AutoSSL from Let’sEncrypt in CPANEL for SEPARATE DOMAINS.

I see problem :

  1. there is autogenerated cert for all domains and subdomains in my cpanel account.
  2. it is being used for most domains in my account automatically


  1. How to set AutoSSL to generate cerificate for this domain only (without having used universal cert for all domains/subdomains) ?

As far as I know, it is still the case that the built-in cPanel/WHM AutoSSL functionality only supports 1 AutoSSL certificate per cPanel account.

Last I heard, the suggested workaround for dedicated AutoSSL certificates was to convert subdomains/addon domains to their own cPanel accounts. Though this is now a fairly painful solution due to the recent licensing price hike.

As cPanel maintain the Let’s Encrypt AutoSSL plugin, you can get the most accurate and up-to-date info from cPanel support or on the cPanel user forums.


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