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we are having a hard time understanding what the process is, and how long it takes to get API rate-limits raised. While I understand that the process can take weeks it is not defined whether weeks means 2 or 52 from start to finish. Also, due to the nature of how requests are made (a google doc) we have no insight into the process, where it is at, and how to address mistakes, whether on our side or on the side of Let’s Encrypt.

I am having a hard time explaining to others within the company why raising API limits is taking so long and why were are not getting any kind of deadlines.

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@jple, do you think you could give @SamirNassar-idealo an update?


@SamirNassar-idealo working on getting them deployed, look for an e-mail in your inbox shortly!




@jple This is a recurring question. Any possibility it might be prevented?


For example, maybe there could be a system to send an e-mail acknowledgement when someone submits a rate limit form and include an estimated time when the user should receive an update (maybe based on recent experience responding to other requests).


We are working on automating the process a little more so the time between requests and moving them to production will be lessened dramatically, so that e-mail acknowledgement shouldn’t be needed. Stay tuned! :slight_smile:



If that other point is implemented you should received less requests too: University Issue Rates


Hello, thank you @jple and all of the Let’s Encrypt staff for being on it. Our developers are happily Reporting “73 of 50 certificates” issued this week.

We appreciate your efforts to make all of us more secure and for making automation easier.


For sure, @tdelmas! I hope we are able to do that and appreciate J.sha’s response there!

@SamirNassar-idealo Wonderful! Thanks for using Let’s Encrypt.

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