Adding SSL and concerns about existing links

Hi I wonderring if someone can elighten me.

lets sayy domain is here I host a lot of images.

Now I use these image links on other websites. What will happen if i ad ssl hence https://
Does that mean they will not display. There are 200+ images. Is there a way to fix this?

Ultimatelly would I be better to change the links to get benefit of using ssl. The other website at the moment recognises that domain where images are hosted is not secured so they probably penalise me…

I am new to this appreciate feedback


As I understand it, you’re planning to add HTTPS support to the domain that is hosting the images?

Sites that currently link to images on that domain will continue to work as-is. You can choose to either keep serving images via both HTTP and HTTPS, or you can add a server-side redirect from HTTP to HTTPS. Existing links on third-party sites will continue to work using both HTTP and HTTPS.

You could also consider adding HSTS headers to your domain at some point, which instructs browsers to use HTTPS for requests to your domain regardless of whether the link uses HTTP or HTTPS. Combined with HSTS preloading, this can be a good way to upgrade all existing HTTP links to HTTPS without having to go through all of them. It’s worth noting that committing to HSTS (and especially preloading) means that you will need to be certain that you can support HTTPS for your domain pretty much permanently, potentially for all subdomains under your domain. I would suggest starting without HSTS and enabling it only when you’re fairly certain that the migration was successful and your metrics show no issues.

Regarding the existing links, if the linking sites themselves use HTTPS, changing the links to HTTPS would be a good idea. You might also be interested in the upgrade-insecure-requests directive, which can be useful if doing that is too much effort manually. There are also a number of tools - such as this one - that can be used to detect HTTP resources on a HTTPS site (this is called mixed content).


I found out about your site from a developer .
This is response I get from HG .
Hello Graeme,

Thank you for contacting HostGator.

Yes, your images and links will work if you install SSL through Hostgator. However, after the installation of the SSL certificate you may need to readd the images and links. Also, you need to make some changes to HT access settings.

I have created the ticket NAP-51599790. Please reply to this ticket in order to verify you as the owner of the account.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us

This is responses I go from my own developer.


I have logged into the cpanel, but the SSL module does not appear to be present, it looks like hostgator have not enabled it. Hostgator do appear to have an online form for ordering SSL’s for sites hosted by them:

They also require the site be configured with a dedicated IP address, which they also charge for:

Unfortunately, with hostgators configuration, there is nothing I can do to install the certificate myself.



You can purchase the certificate elsewhere and hostgator can install it for you (for a fee).
I am not sure why they would have suggested a developer is required, each hosting provider do things differently,
but I suspect the person you spoke you may be wrong.

So is it possible to use your ssl certificate on hostgator as long as they install.
I appreciate your feedback, just wish I could get as much information from HG

Ah, HostGator shared hosting. If you want to install a certificate with that, you may want to look elsewhere for a certificate. Let’s Encrypt issues only 90 day certificates and you’ll need to manually acquire a new certificate and then pay HostGator to update the certificate every time you renew. This gets pretty expensive, and is part of how HostGator makes money off their oversold hosting.

Last I checked, you could get a one year certificate from a commercial vendor (you can find for $10/yr) and pay the installation fee and wind up paying less than just buying the certificate directly from HostGator.

Ultimately, it’s up to you. Oversellers tend to nickle-and-dime you on all kinds of little things like this, unfortunately.

Thanks Motoko any idea what they meaning about you may need to readd the images and links. Also, you need to make some changes to HT access settings. Should this not automatically work like a redirect

Without knowing your server configuration, it’s hard to say.

For changing links, it could be because if you link to the old insecure (http) versions, for secure pages they may not load or may not show the padlock because of mixed-mode content.

I’m not sure about the htaccess settings. Perhaps you have some kind of redirect set up? Normally you don’t need to mess with that.

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