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I have a multisite on hosted on SiteGround. I was able to install an SSL but the sites don’t render as “https.”

I got this message from SiteGrounds Support: “my advice is to contact your developer for assistance on this matter as it may require code edit also depending on the level of customization of your applications”

Well, I’m not a developer.

Is there anyone familiar that can help (for a fee) or know anyone who would be willing to? (without a plugin?)

Thanks much,


Hi Paul,

Your cert and site appear to be set up properly. (Please remember that Let's Encrypt certificates expire after 3 months, so you will want to have a plan for renewing the cert and installing the updated version.)

The browser warnings that you're probably seeing relate to mixed content -- the web developers' term for when you have some HTTPS (secure) and some HTTP (insecure) resources as part of the same web page. In this case, some of the images that you're loading on your secure site are coming from your insecure site, due to <img> tags like this one:

<img src="http://thecondo.rent/wp-content/themes/theCondo/images/theCondo-logo.png" alt="theCondo" id="logo" data-pagespeed-url-hash="2725477514" onload="pagespeed.CriticalImages.checkImageForCriticality(this);"/>

Here the trouble is the http:// part, which is causing the page to be considered mixed secure and insecure by the browser.

If you update your <img src> to point at //thecondo.rent instead of http://thecondo.rent in the HTML code of your web site, this problem should go away. (// in this context means "whatever protocol the browser used to load this page", so http if the main page is http, and https if the main page is https.) If you're using some kind of tool to edit the HTML instead of writing it by hand, you should still be able to specify the image locations, and changing them to use // instead of http:// should probably work.


https://www.whynopadlock.com/ is a useful site for listing all the images or other things that use http rather than https

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