Any way to keep the website secure with images linked from the outside?

In the header ad of my theme it’s only possible to ad a code so I was playing around with it and added a CPA offer to it with this code:

<a href=""> <IMG SRC="" width=728 height=90 border=0> </a>
Works fine but the downfall is that my SSL certificate breaks and you see in your browser that the website is insecure which is never good.

Any way to make this work?

You should ask the ad provider for TLS support.


If that's totally impossible, one approach that some websites (e.g. Github) use when they want to use HTTPS but also serve arbitrary user images in context that may/may not be HTTPS is to use a proxy to re-serve images over TLS. Github uses one called Camo.

Do you actually have to use Because it has an SSL certificate for and and redirects to as well. So maybe it would be enough if you just used img src="// to link those images. Give it a go at least.

But I doubt Camo works properly for ads…

Thanks for the answers guys, I will see what I can do with them in a few days, I have some serious info overload from the past couple weeks 24/7 working on projects, time to take a break.

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