Acme --deploy on Namecheap cPanel Hosting

I used the following --issue command successfully to generate Lets Encrypt certificates via terminal --issue -d -d \
-w /home/cpuname/example_com/public_html \
--server letsencrypt \

And then this command to deploy the certificate successfully to cPanel --deploy -d --deploy-hook cpanel_uapi

However, I get this following warning and error. Can someone help me resolve this?

Applying sitelist filter DEPLOY_CPANEL_AUTO_INCLUDE: *
Applying sitelist filter DEPLOY_CPANEL_AUTO_EXCLUDE:
warn [uapi] No domains passed in to CCSHooks::admin_certcopy! Context: HASH(0x391f230) at /var/cpanel/perl5/lib/ line 693.

It is related to the cPanel hooks used by script during the deployment of certs. CCSHooks::admin_certcopy function is expecting domain info but its not receiving any. The warning originated in the Perl module. Hasn't anyone experience this before?

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While you wait to see if anyone here knows you might try the official github. That's no so much a cert issue but rather using some 3rd party API


sure, thx. I found only this. Not a solution but at least someone talking about it.

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You might also try a cPanel forum. Their API isn't unique to any particular ACME client

Or maybe even a general purpose programming forum like stackoverflow

Still, someone here might know but it's not our main focus


Have you been able to use those same steps before?
If so, where they also ECC type cert(s)?

Note: I don't use cPanel, nor much of


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