ZeroSSL LE64.exe documentation needed please

Windows Server 2012 R2
LE64.exe v0.28

I’d like a list of errorlevel return codes that the Windows executable returns for any action. I’m building a rather complex set of batch files to automate my cert renewal and email me when there’s a problem or when successful, etc.

I know on this page the example shows how to return a custom errorlevel to a batch file in a DOS window when the renewal is successful. I need to know what all of the other possible errorlevel codes are, especially when there is a problem.

For example, it returns an errorlevel code of 1 for simply displaying the --help syntax. And errorlevel 255 is returned if I pass it a nonsense parameter.

Thanks for your assistance!

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This should go to the attention of @leader.

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Maybe you want to take a look at my new powershell based ACME Client.
If exceptions occur an event in the windows event log is generated. There you could set up scripts sending your emails.
If you know how to write powershell scripts my client is highly customizable.

Hello @mushu, you are absolutely right, the codes are currently as follows:

  • 1 on help.
  • 255 on error.
  • 0 or whatever value was specified for --issue-code on successful certificate issuance (inc. renewal).
  • 0 in all other cases.

Thank you for the confirmation @leader. @lbehm I would take a look at your offering but I have invested time into this process, and frankly I don’t have the expertise in Powershell at this time (there’s only so many hours a day I can study stuff!) But when I need to change how I handle certs for our website I’ll certainly consider it.

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